Gardening tips for the winter months

Winter, with its sub-zero temperatures and cold winds, can be a difficult time for gardeners and their plants.
The buds and flowers wither and die, and often plants that undergo heavy frosts end up battered and with unsightly brown spots. Even evergreens can have difficulties if you do not know what you are doing.

Here are 10 useful tips to get your garden in the cold season.

1. Before the ground freezes, be sure to water your plants. It will be much easier for the plants to absorb it before the ground receives the frost. This is especially important for evergreens.

2. Use a cover or an old sheet to cover the plants with buds or open flowers. Usually, this will be enough to keep the flowers protected from freezing and not be damaged or dropped. Just be careful not to use plastic, because when the sun rises, you can make the plants cook as if they were in an oven.

3. Protect your pots too. It’s not just the plants you have to worry about, some pots can break at freezing temperatures unless you give them some protection. One of the best things we use is burlap. Wrap it around the pot and tie them with waterproof thread.

4. Try to maintain the temperature of the roots of stable plants to avoid damage by heating and rapid cooling. How? By using organic mulch around them – it is especially useful for roses and perennials, organic mulch can be made with the following wastes: they can be crop residues such as: beans, peas, wheat chaff, barley, etc.